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Club Asteria I have finally found something with total credibility and overwhelming potential. This programme has proven to be amazing! It is all about giving us financial independence with a fast - sure-fired success formula. 1. The CEO, Andrea, is a Former World Bank Director and HELL BENT on helping others. 2, THEY SHARE 75% OF THEIR REVENUE WITH ITS MEMBERS! In fact, we are paid each and every week. No waiting around. It just automatically pops into our account. 3. We also get added commissions, bonuses and benefits just for participating in the Club. Andrea, CEO, has spent two decades in the developing world and has an affinity for expatriates - people who have left their homeland to find work and a better life somewhere else. The main problem of expats is the high cost of sending funds back home. As a former expatriate herself, she knows how difficult it is to start fresh in a new country when you don't know the language, have no friends, no job and are far away from your loved ones. She knows first-hand how hard it is for expatriates to make money and it's akin to robbery when up to 25% of their money is eaten up by remittance fees when they can finally send it home to their loved ones.. So, a key objective of Club Asteria is to find global solutions to this problem. As I am sure you will agree, it is a great cause, but it doesn't stop there. All of us can participate in this and make money together. One more thing - you can start making money right away by simply telling others about this great service. On top of the weekly commission, they share 50% of the membership fees with the person who introduces new members to Club Asteria. It s phenomenal how easy this is - all we have to do is send them the names and addresses of our friends, family and acquaintances and they take care of everything else - you just collect the money week after week after week! Invite 10 friends - your annual income co
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