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Bryan Hedges

Castlemaine Vic Australia


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Gold Fossicking, and Personal development

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60's 70's music

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New Zealand

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Australia New Zealand Asia


Are You seeing all the businesses going offshore and the sackings of long term staff all in the name of profits? I say lets start introducing unions to good MLM programs like One x or Cash Club International. Come and join our team build and lets help people who have been screwed over by bosses chasing profits,
Posted At 2012-02-29 07:08:03
Wow Don't things move fast on the Internet? Only a cuple of days ago I was askedto help a new Australian company with their launch. And before I knew it I had over 60 personally sponsored people. If you are reading this check it out. It only costs a Dollar to join and builds into six income streams. We are also setting up a beneactoring system to helpo people get involved. I trust everyone is havinga great a day as I am
Posted At 2010-02-15 04:55:20


I am 59 years young living in a small, country town in central Victoria Australia. I have a secret goal, which wont be secret after this, and that is to build a marketing network with Fortune WP that has at least two people from every country in the world. The wonderful thing about my age is having a lot of life experience that I can fall back on to help other people build their online businesses. I certaily don't know it all, but I am fortunate to know enough people to be able help and solve just about any problem that comes my way. While I do work a port folio of programs. Most have been in existance and paying for many years. I am not into the latest greatest deal going. I am a strong believer in leverage and creating multiple steams of income.

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