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Connie Z Taylor

Santa Rosa, CA



My Hobbies and Talents
I Like working on My Home Base Business on my Laptop Computer, Love Making $250-500 Daily, I Sing at Church Choir with group, Love to Sing at Kareoke Restaurant with Friends once a week, we meet to socialize, I have Vocal singing Class every Wednesday, I'm starting to take lessons with Guitar Lessons at my home, Practicing my lessons at home. Helping those who are need of Financial Problems, Problem Sober, Finding Solutions to Life's Problems. Thank God! for the Gift of Being able to sing, Composing my Songs from my Heart. I have a swimming Class with Adapted PE at Junior College, Santa Rosa.

My Favorite Book
The Bible, The Secret, Jim Rohn, Wordwide Famous Filosepher. How to succeed in Business, Personal Life, Also The Bible is #1 Favorite book, then Family then Business

My Favorite Food
Chinese, Mexican, perubian, Columbian, Amercan, Hawaiian, Samoan, Phillipino, Japaneese, Succhi, Mediteranian food.


Years In Business

My Favorite Music (song, band, album, etc.)
Church Songs, Rocio Durcal, Differencias, Maricela, Si no te hubieras hido, Whittney Houston and Marriah Carrey, When You Beleive, and Whittney Houston only, I Look to You!, Kenny Rogers !Lady!, Chelo, Beatriz Adriana, El Bu, Marco antonio Solis, Los Caminantes, Amor Sin Palabra, and Dos Cartas y Una Flor and English and Spanish songs. Love to Listen to Music, Learn it and sing it. With Feelings behind the song. Also LeoDan song.

My Goals
Succeeding, Financial Freedom with iBuzzPro working im making $25--500 daily and also helping others to have the things they need for their families and being a fabulous Sponsor as long as they are willing to Listen Lern, Apply and Do, Juste Like I do and we will be a Strong like Eagles as Team Work, and becoming a strong, compassionate, sincere team Leaders. and Intergrate my Songs, Compositions Lyrics. IBuzzpro is for me! It is my Biggest Goal. To share with all the Finanancial Freedom we all could have, Leavingon an Enheritance and Model my Generation Decent.

My Birth Place
Lima, Peru

Where I Have Traveled
Texas, Arizona, L.A, Hawaii,Honoluu, Kawaii, Los Vegas, Reno, Mexico, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Ensenada, Sahuayo, Michuacan, D.F.

My Heroes
God & My Dad, Rest in Peace, My Daughter

I Have Children (how many, ages, etc.)
1, daughter 36


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I'm a Women, Mom, Daughter Who Loves her parents, Brothers and Sister, I Love challenges in life. I'm a person who likes to find solution to problems, when I start a project or work do not like leaving it half done. I like reading Motivational books, Like to lookd Music videos that inspire and motivate me. I have been a non profit Volunteer for many years, with God's Blessings been able to help out. I put my share in my community, I love it. My Passion is to Sing and Give thanks! when I do sing and personal Prayers! Nothing I ever do Is out of my own Power, The Power from up above is what Gives me Internal Happiness Peace and Calmness with my Life.

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