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David Ringor

Stark County, Ohio


My Hobbies and Talents
Nature Photograhy, Mt. Biking

My Favorite Book

My Favorite Food
Steak & Lobster


Years In Business
8+ Yrs

My Favorite Music (song, band, album, etc.)
Lite Rock, Blues, Jazs, Classical

My Birth Place
San Francisco

Where I Have Traveled
Oregon, Hawaii

I Have Children (how many, ages, etc.)
I have two children...A son, 28 and a daughter, 18 yr.


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My name is David, I'm a simple family man that enjoys working in the human service field. I work with seniors and the disabled in my community. On my days off, I earn a pretty good income as internet entrepreneur. My focus is on eBay, and on affiliate marketing. Internet marketing requires focus and determination and a good foundation. If you have been struggling with building your business, you may want to consider attraction marketing. Check out the: "More About David Ringor" Link below. David Ringor DMC

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