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To Help My Children Pay Off their School Loans

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James aged 24; Kirsten aged 23


I received an e-mail asking me if I had met Sokule? He was a little round gray guy with big eyes that made a funny little noise when you opened the link. Lets face it, they sucked me in...and probably you to. Who knew? The Power in this marketing tool is absolutely ingenious. They have rolled everything all into one little gray round guy with big eyes!! In just a few short months...Who doesn't know SoKule!! It posts to Social Networking sites that I have never heard of, but I immediately set up a site for! Now - if SoKule is posting it, pinging it, or slapping it, I now have an account set up! Don't you? Of course you do!! Now, sometime in the near future, they will be setting up posting to Ezines, your cell phone, and if you give Jane and Phil a little time, the SoKule flag will be flying high on the White House and the little round gray guy with big eyes will be painted on the dome of the Capital Building. He will be that BIG!! If you are not here yet, get here quickly.....that little round gray guy with the big eyes will be seen everywhere and known by everyone! I am seriously thinking about tattooing him on my butt! I want him with me everywhere I go! This is just my opinion ....but I want a piece of this, and I am being totally selfish.... I want a BIG piece. I am not well known, and don't make a whole lot of money on the net yet... but I am smart enough to know genius when I see it! It's called SoKule! I think it is the smartest thing I will ever do! Have a great day....and give me a squeek...I am giving away Sokens (SoKule $$). Join Us!! Nina Spelman SoKule Founder
Posted At 2009-12-13 18:57:43


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