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internet,movies,corvettes,jesus,writing(published),website design,

My Favorite Book
The Bible,Desperation(StevenKing)book 10x better than movie

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Old School and anything that sounds good

My Goals
making God smile,wealthy in life,helping others succeed

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Canada,hawaii,phillippines,guam,japan,30 more of the states

My Heroes
Jesus,My Mother,MLK,Malcolm X,R.Reagan,JFK,and everyone whom tries to better the world for All.


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Hello , I am an ex Army RANGER veteran (E5)and now make a living in front of my computer ,after all the expieriences i've had in the military i needed something quiet to do from home. By the grace of God I have been born again since 1984 and now live my life in the blessings of the Lord. Telling others about Jesus,and the truth about the enemies tricks is my passion in life. I've joined and researched the internets online businesses and money makers and the different traffic sources for 10 years and now I direct and advertise for clients online and off as well as help others to the best money makers online and off, helping others advertise their business is my business. It's fun and i'd have no problem with 8 more hours to each day, then i could catch up...HAHAHAHAHA! I know you guys can concure with that. is my 7th Division of my growing company.

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