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River God

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salads,spaghetti,Greek cuisine,Italian cuisine


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There’s an all-natural herb that grows deep in the forests of West Africa. And it resets your body to the point where you naturally and easily resist the production of new fat cells – just like you did when you were in college. The West African herb – called irvingia gabonensis – makes it easy. It’s one of the all-star nutrients in Dr Al Sears' new slimming formula Primal Lean. Irvingia gabonensis comes from a West African tree known as the wild mango or bush mango. This tree bears edible fruits, and they're well known for their dika nuts. Like other nuts and seeds, Irvingia is high in fat (50%), and oil can be extracted from them. Irvingia also contains 14% fiber. Dietary fibers are often recommended to help with weight loss as well as for their health benefits. Due to its customary use in African cuisine and folk reputation as a health food, a research group from Cameroon (Western Africa) set up a randomized double blind study in 2005 to see if Irvingia gabonensis could help with weight loss. 40 obese subjects were divided into placebo and experimental groups. The experimental group received 1.05 grams of Irvingia seed extract 3 times a day (total 3.15 grams) for 30 days. Subjects were examined weekly and tested for body weight, body fat and hip/waist circumferences. Blood pressure was measured and blood samples were also collected after an overnight fast and tested for total cholesterol, triacylglycerol, HDL-cholesterol and glucose. The subjects were interviewed about their physical activity and food intake during the trial and were instructed to follow a low fat diet of 1800 calories per day and keep a food record for seven days. At the end of the 30 day trial, the Irvingia group had lost an average of 5.26 kilos (11.5 lbs) and the placebo group had lost only 1.32 kilos (2.9 lbs). The group receiving Irvingia also experienced a decrease in systolic blood pressure, total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL cholest
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I am attracted to causes and movements whose purpose is to make a better world. I also love idealistic people who have great compassion and seek to create a more humane society. I realize my greatest satisfaction when i am involved in some activity that directly benefits the public good. I have a broad view of humanity and my pet hate is prejudice.

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