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Jonathan Rudd

Ranson, WV



My Favorite Book
The Bible

My Favorite Food
Almost anything cooked well done!


Years In Business

My Goals
Besides my dream of complete financial freedom, I want to help as many people succeed as I can.

My Birth Place
Washington, DC

Where I Have Traveled
Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Austria

My Heroes
My Family and my Pastor

I Have Children (how many, ages, etc.)
2 sons, ages 33 & 31


No Records


I love life and have NEVER met a stranger. I consider all friends until they prove me otherwise. Life is about associations and relationships. WHO you know can take you a farther than WHAT you know. My life's goal is to make the world a better place by at least ONE person...ME! I have set out to spread this message to all who will hear it, and to help as many as I can to achieve it. Not just by being a nice person, but by giving back to the community where you live, and by helping others achieve success. In MY world, The saying, "Your success is MY success" is not just a saying but a reality. I live to help others because my destiny is linked to theirs.

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