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1.The Bible 2.Think and Grow Rich.

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Many enjoyable years

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Enjoy Retirement

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My name is Ken Pringle. I am a Internet/Network Marketer. I am also a Second Income Coach. Yes, ask me about that! I have been learning and implementing Network and Internet Marketing skills and strategies over the past decade. There are a lot of scams out there online and offline to be cautious of. There are NO Secrets! Only knowledge. Have you tried mlms and found yourself all alone trying to recruit because that is what your upline tells you to do. You have to make a friend and let him or her see what you do. They will decide if it is for them or not. Man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. I tried several mlms with minimal success. I started building and repairing computers. I still dabble in that trade, I enjoy technology. I decided to make a change, the internet looked challenging, and it was for a while. Now it is exciting, I have found my mentors and partners. Now I spend my time helping people build and develop an online

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