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Ilka Flood



My Hobbies and Talents
Art and Design, Entrepreneurship, Traveling, Reading, Movies

My Favorite Book
The Slight Edge

My Favorite Food
Pork Roast, Potato Dumplings & Red Cabbage


Years In Business

My Favorite Music (song, band, album, etc.)
French Chansons, Classical, Oldies,

My Goals
To help as many people as I possibly can to get what THEY want.

My Birth Place

Where I Have Traveled
Europe, Caribbean, Hawai, Bahamas, US

My Heroes
My Mom

I Have Children (how many, ages, etc.)
3 sons


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Graphic Designer and Enlightened Entrepreneur. Married to my best friend and mother of 3 young men. Born and raised in Germany I am living now in beautiful Colorado. Love being my own boss and enjoy the freedom that comes with it. I hated waking up to the annoying sound of an alarm clock. Those times are behind me. Now I get up when I'm done sleeping. I enjoy spending time with my family and our boxer, George. I'm always available whenever someone needs me. My goal is to help as many people as I possibly can to enjoy that same type of freedom. I invite you to connect with me. Have an awesome day!

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