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Ashley Christine



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All forms of Direct Marketing

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To prosper as many people as possible!

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Paris, Berlin, London, Cairo, Sydney, Loss Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Toronto, Beijing, Moscow, Tokyo

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God, Dayle Maloney, Dad & Mom


29th Spot is GONE! Congratulations fellow List volta Member David West! I'm looking for a leader to put into the 30th spot in the 3X6 Forced Matrix before the pre-launch. Do you want the 30th Top Spot (3rd Level to the Company) in the 3X6 Forced Matrix? This spot will definitely be in profit by the time we hit pre-launch. It's a virtual guarantee to produce some really nice commissions every month. Probably high 4 or 5 figures is my guess. We are going to make sure we that the first 39 people make enough money that we can use their testimonials to make them and all of us even more money! I hope you don't mind us bragging about you after your top 39 spot is making a bunch! I just thought I'd let you know about the 30th spot before I release this to a group of 5,000 leaders from another downline I have. I need to determine who is getting the spot right away as we get this off the ground & ready for pre-launch. The details are below and a link to the site as we have it now so you can know everything that is going on. Let me know if you want the top spot ASAP so I can hold it for you. Go to: Thanks, Ashley Christine President/CEO Profit Leads Emailer PS. Mike Glaspie is already on board and poised to create globs of spillover.
Posted At 2009-09-16 23:21:40


I've worked for such names as Ogilvy Mather Direct Marketing, Ogilvy Entertainment, Billy Mays - OxiClean, Google annd now I'm putting together leaders to launch our 3X6 Forced Matrix. This company will be making big news shortly!

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