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MusicianPoetry/Designing websites

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Splinter Cell by Tom Clancy


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7 1/2Yrs

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I Remember them day's and nights i was up at the computer not because i wanted to because i was begging the hardware "GOD" my computer if you didn't get it!! It took me over 6yrs to become successful online after spending about Quarter Million Dollars Through the Years of "FAILING". But my failing became my Success after i came into this company AKA "WP" $=) Yes finally i found something that was not just saying it can build me a business but teach me how to become my own boss\Person Online& Build my own Dynasty @ my own pace so thanks to The thing is once i got in there they had a live person for me to call and talk to work together and now i have friends\Associates all over the world all because of i am now 22yrs old and making a full time income online but working when i want to!! Yes when i want to a easy biz in a box set it and forget it Capiche? HAHAH Now i can laugh it is 1:30am here just beat my cousin in some Plastaystion3 Games and gonna lay down read my Bible which of course it's about Marketing LOL Because has set me FREE of worries and stress of money that i can lay in bed for the next 6months and not do nothing still get paid but i ENJOY MY WORK TOOOOOOO MUCH!! $=) May God Bless Your Day\Night Christopher James Cassandro
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Hi My name is Christopher James Cassandro and have been making well at first trying to make full time set it and forget it Income Online it took me over 5yrs to accomplish just some of my goals such as Make EVEN A CENT ONLINE "LOL" i bought everything out there never worked and been with some big guru's so called but now i know how they really are so i am creating the most UNBEATABLE Membership Site for those that are failing like i was or just can not do it on there own i am a stay at home InterNet Marketer and do it when i want and how i want to do it these days!! Anything Else Just Ask me by phone or email==> or phone==> 4124042463 God Bless & To Your Success:)Chris Cassandro - President & Worldprofit Dealer URL==>

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