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Posted At 2009-11-26 22:18:14
How To Give A Gift To The Hike For Breast Cancer How To Give A Gift To The Hike For Breast Cancer And Yourself At The Same Time With mammograms under question now Breast Cancer Research Is More Important Than Ever Before. Finding resources to support good causes is hard work; fund-raising takes substantial time and effort. Organizations and individuals who depend on donations often rely on volunteers to help raise them. Volunteers succeed because they personalize the cause and make it relevant to their friends and neighbors, often through simple and humble actions like standing outside in the cold ringing a bell. City by city and block by block people give because they are compelled to support not only the larger cause but also the passion and conviction of the volunteer. Alexandra, a great champion of this cause in Utah is hiking for breast cancer and needs to raise $10,000. What I have decided to do is donate 40% of the sale of my new CD, A CHRISTMAS GIFT for anyone who purchases this uplifting music CD. In my mind this is a win-win situation for everyone. A great cause, an affordable donation, and a lovely CD to play for the holidays. Please visit to hear excerpts and details about "A Christmas Gift". For the full story of this great hike, you can visit Alexandra’s blog at Happy Holidays, Dick Pyatt
Posted At 2009-11-20 20:59:51


Broadcaster and diector of radio/tv programs, published 4 books, recent book, How To Get A Job In Proadcasting Now", new cd,A Christmas Gift Listen to excerpts at

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