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Sierra Pierson


My Hobbies and Talents
I LOVE Network Marketing & MLM!!! No where else can you find such an equal opportunity as in MLM.

My Favorite Book
Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn.

My Favorite Food
buffalo wings, curry dishes, pasta


Years In Business
5 years

My Goals
To keep going! Never lose site of my goals and achieve them in a BIG way!!


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I have been network marketing for several years now and just LOVE it! It's such a rush when you make a sale, bring on a new team member and hit those achievement levels and of course start receiving those BIG checks in the mail!!! And as a stay at home Mom like me it is so gratifying to be able to earn money at the same time as being able to be home with my girls and still keep up with all of my daily responsibilities. There is nothing like it. ;-)

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