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Zipplin, Floyd, AC-DC, Rock-in-Roll, Bluegrass, Old Country, most anything well orchestrated.

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Hi my name is Wade, I was an excavation contractor for over 20 years, Have hauled logs & heavy equipment and worked with geo-thermal core drilling on Newberry Crater in Central Oregon in the 80s, and also worked core drills in the gold mines in Nevada & North Dakota. Working with computers for over 15 years in my excavation business started me searching when there was no more work here, from to many regulations. I started internet marketing about 5 years ago. My Internet Marketing has been pretty much full time now for over 2 years now learning everyday and enjoying it way, way more than all those DEQ & EPA regulations that I have dealt with In the past. I am very determined and committed and do not give in easy. I enjoy Internet Marketing, Design, and Helping People to learn & succeed. I feel I should have been doing this long ago. Thanks to all, that are helping and have helped show me the way. Let me know if I might help you in any way, helping is the best part.

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