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Scott Rohn



My Hobbies and Talents
Reading, going to the movies with my wife and son, playing sports games on my playstation 3, riding bikes with my son (whos 8) and wife finding new ways to generate traffic and sharing them, I also like to watch N.C.I.S, N.C.I.S los Angles, Hawaii 5-o, and American Chopper

My Favorite Book
Jerry Jones King of the Cowboys, Hits Clicks & Misses by Jon Olson,

My Favorite Food
Barbecued, love to grill. Italian, American, some foods from around the world


Years In Business
I've been working online since 2005 I went from program to program all promsing the world and all coming up way short. I did not start seeing any success until I joined Worldprofit in 2009. The only question I have is why did I waste my time and money with those other programs

My Favorite Music (song, band, album, etc.)
I mainly like Country but I alsi like Rock, Pop Soul Jazz and even a little classical favorte band alltime Alabama

My Birth Place
Dover, NJ

Where I Have Traveled
As I kid we camped all over the place, Pennslyvania, Connteicut, Maine, Tennese, Virginia, probably more that I can't rember. I also spent some time in Texas. For our honeymoon my wife and I went to the Bahamas. I go to penn for the corvettee show every Aug

My Heroes
My Dad, My Mom

I Have Children (how many, ages, etc.)
I have one boy he is 10


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I Graduated from Roxbury High School (NJ) in 1980. From there I got a job working in a Bakery as a porter. After about a year I moved up to Baker. I worked there for about 9 an a half years. while there went to Atlantic City and Yankee Stadium several times with one of the owners, who to this day is still a good friend. from there I had several jobs from digging ditches, to working at Dunkin Donuts, Spent almost 10 years working at a Supermarket (Pathmark) as part of the Produce dept management team. While i was there a was awarded several times, for merchandising. I also woked at Quick Check a mini mart here in NJ, where you can get a sandwich groceries etc. while there I was a shift leader, and was made Co-Leader of the Liquor dept We were the only Quick Chek to have one. We turned the dept from a hole in the wall to a dept that generated allot of sales and compliments. from customer. The store itself went from the bottom of its district in sales to the top thanks mainly to the Li

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