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Lisa Baker




My Hobbies and Talents
Making Cross Necklaces & Studying The Bible

My Favorite Book
The Bible

My Favorite Food
Crab with melted butter


Years In Business

My Favorite Music (song, band, album, etc.)
Christian Praise & Worship

My Goals
To help people, share God's Word and ultimately open up a Christian Homeless Shelter

My Birth Place
Philadelphia, PA

Where I Have Traveled
The Bahamas, Everywhere in the United States

My Heroes
Jesus, Joseph in the Old Testament & Paul in the New Testament

I Have Children (how many, ages, etc.)
I have one 19 year old son in college.


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P.S. - The direct link to get a FREE BIBLE is:
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My name is Lisa Baker and I work at home now due to an injury I sustained in my old job a little over two-years ago. I now work at home and everything I do is designed to help people with the gifts, talents, ability and resources that God gave me. My life pretty much revolves around Jesus, the Bible & helping people. **If you need to work at home, please visit my sites for Diciple's Cross and Zurvita. If you'd like to be able to work with Zurvita and offer these great services also, go to: ***ALL THE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR COMPANY IS THERE!*** These are both great work at home opportunities. I spend the majority of my time studying the Bible and I wanted to not only share what I learn but to also provide an informative, fun site that offers people alot of free stuff which is why I started my Christian website "Jesus And The Bible Today"! This is a big site that covers ALOT! :)

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