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Edna Yates

Woodland, Washington




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Yuba City, California

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3 grown children and 7 grandkids...1 great grandchild


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Hi, my name is Edna Yates. I'm a 63 year old grandmother raising my 12 year old grandson because his parents are lost in the Meth Epidemic. I help make dreams come true. You know the state of our economy is bad and that a lot of people, just like you and me have had to put their dreams on hold….right? Many people today aren’t dreaming about a family vacation, or a new car, their having nightmares about how their going to pay their mortgage and feed their family. Food banks, shelters, and all non-profit organizations are receiving less help from charitable donations today and the need for their help and services keeps growing by the hour. I teach people how to help non-profit organizations in their community earn their much needed funds while building a lifetime residual income for themselves. Our JavaFit Gives Back Program feeds our souls as well as our bank accounts and the contributions that we make to our communities add to the strength of our country.

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