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Janet Legere

Calgary, Alberta



My Hobbies and Talents
Helping others learn to master simple techniques to use the Internet to attract prospects for their business

My Favorite Book
TNT - The Power Within You

My Favorite Food
All Food


Years In Business

My Goals
To teach as many people as are willing to learn

My Birth Place
Ontario, Canada

My Heroes
My husband, Don Legere and my children and grandchildren ... they inspire me daily

I Have Children (how many, ages, etc.)
6 Together ... I have a daughter, Tina, Son Dan and Daughter Brenda Don has three girls, Sydney, Kassandra and Maggie and we have three beautiful granddaughters, Trinity, Kayley and Payton thanks to their amazing mom, Tina!


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My area of expertise is in helping you understand how to use all the tools and resources you are introduced to online. Tools and resources designed to help you find prospects online and make money online. When you learn to use these tools and resources effectively, you will make money online! I believe I can help anyone who is willing to learn.

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