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My Hobbies and Talents
Scuba Diving, outdoor activities. Making people Laugh. :-)

My Favorite Book
Future Choice by Michael S. Clause

My Favorite Food
Love all food. Way too much!


Years In Business
3 in Network Marketing and MLM

My Favorite Music (song, band, album, etc.)
Love all Music.

My Goals
To Be Debt Free With Residual Income by 50.

Where I Have Traveled
We have Scuba Dove off Cruise Ships Mostly the Carribean, Hawaii, Catalina Island

My Heroes
My Mom.


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My wife and I have been married for 21 years. We married young, she was 19 and I was 21. We started with nothing and have earned a comfortable lifestyle by helping others. I worked in Corporate America for the first 11 years of our marriage while my wife attended undergrad and medical school. Once she became a family practice physcian I did some consulting work, but we have both been self employed for 10 years. About 3 years ago my wife had a medical nightmare and was hospitalized for 21 days for what we thought would be a routine surgery. She could not work for 4 months and during her recovery we found our Plan B for our financial future. Now we educate people and help them find their goals and dreams while we realize ours. Life just keeps getting better. :-)

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