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Paul Richards

Wiltshire, UK


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Music - (Playing & Listening),

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Lord of the Rings

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too many

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Jethro Tull/Fairport Convention

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Accra, Ghana

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Cyprus, Spain, France, Italy, USA, Malawi.

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4 (28m, 28f, 30m, 32m)


Just a follow up to the Cash Gifting program that I mentioned a little while ago. The free trial period established a great member base and I am now improving on the basic system by running a rotator link for my personal downline. I have enough members on my first level so I am rotating those sign up pages to help them establish their first level and so on down the line. If you want to join my little team experiment then you can either follow my rotator link or use my personal sign up page if you would prefer to be on my first level, for that personal one on one training and support. Rotator link is: Personal Sign up Page is: either way I am sure you will like the package and enjoy working with me to develop a strong downline and income for the future
Posted At 2009-09-27 17:24:45
Hi there, Just want to mention a time sensitive issue, so I'm sorry if you're reading this after Sept 10th. I have been given advanced notice of a pre launch gifting system which will make a lot of you very wealthy. `It's free to join up to level 5 until 10th Sept. so take a look at the site now (if you want to) Then head over to my enrollment page if you enroll I will send you an email telling you how to proceed with the free offer, just ignore any references for payment if you are looking within the time frame specified. Many thanks, I'll post again soon with a progress report
Posted At 2009-09-05 18:43:14


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