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Sports, Tennis, Jogging

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Wine...oh food, uh Steak


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All too many

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Make my last career work at home

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Is Auto Business Builder A Scam? I’m always a little reluctant to label something a full-fledged SCAM, because that implies that the original intent by management and owners was to defraud, and their business practices were premised on the short run, rather than building a long term successful enterprise. Auto Business Builder is part of In Touch Marketing. I do not know the exact ownership relationship, as it was not provided when requests were made. Additionally, Chameleon Auto Business Builder is another name used by this overall entity. Supposedly, Robert Cefail is the CEO. There are other players like Robert Carter, who answers support tickets, but professes no authority. Cefail is the consummate salesperson. He chairs webinars extremely effectively. He is in constant contact PRIOR to the sale. He is extremely active in social networks, and just has that good guy image and persona. Beyond Cefail, there are a bunch of salespeople and supposedly a high technology phone center to maximize the capacity of his sales team. A sale is $400 for one time setup and $95 per month, including the initial month. When they are successful in making a sale, it results in $200 back to you. However, since they never made a sale for me, that part is hearsay. Auto Business Builder professes to be the “build an internet business in a completely passive, hands-off fashion. They say they will provide you leads (number is not verifiable) when you sign up, qualify and quantify these leads thru consistent phone contact, and close sales for you. At least that’s the sales pitch delivered in the webinar. The product that is being sold is the same one you just purchased, the ABB passive business builder. They do have a second tier sell option of closing sales for you in your own primary program or enterprise. They supposedly do this for 25% commission. I was unable to get any answer about them selling my primary program, despite multiple inquiries. After the sale,
Posted At 2009-11-07 17:12:20
This new, soon to launch program, on first look appears to be just another MLM matrix or gifting program. I saw it and passed quickly by several times in the last month. But recently, I got a special message from a friend in gibLink Social network, who urged me to give it a review. Which I did. This is something very different than the standard get rich quick programs we all are so familiar with. Yes, it does have a matrix, but the majority of earnings are derived from investment earnings that the company manages. Their success rate is very high, and they GUARANTEE that you will make money in this program. It's not a cycler or a HYIP, just a solid investment program to return wealth to members even if the matrix stalls. These founders have made money and paid money to thousands on the internet for years in prior programs. You do not have to refer anyone to make money. You can make a solid monthly income without a single personal referral. If you do refer others, your monthly income will be greater, no question. But if you want to "set it and forget it", you can do so. I chose gold (middle) membership level. There is an option to join free and they will subsidize your first paid entry to prove the program viability, and you can leverage this success by reinvesting your earnings from this free start up. I thought it made sense to get a stronger position at the outset to maximize my earnings. I suspect I will upgrade to top level as soon as I see the results they are describing. SPECIAL NOTE....This is in PreLaunch....will launch 9/5/2009 You can probably tell by now that this email is not a canned backoffice email. These are my thoughts (original) about 7 Day Wealth with nothing cut and pasted from the web site. Please take a look and tell me what you think. I left my email below so you can contact me directly. Here is the link: Regards, Howard Larrabee
Posted At 2009-09-03 17:09:04


30+ years of consulting (and travel)....Just changed to Home Business which I will blend with Real Estate Investments and Consulting

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