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Mary Coon




My Hobbies and Talents
Varied. I love to learn.

My Favorite Book
Earthway by Mary Summer Rain

My Favorite Food
Homemade Lasagna


Years In Business
3 years Internet, 20+ years real-world

My Favorite Music (song, band, album, etc.)
All genre. A lot of Rap and vulgarity are fast turn off.

My Goals
To become the best I can at whatever I do and to look in the mirror and know I did my best to help others.

My Birth Place
Coudersport, Pennsylvania

Where I Have Traveled
Many places in the continental U.S., dream of seeing the world.

My Heroes
Helen Keller, the handicapped, the dreamer, Ghandi, Einstien. The list is endless. Everyone makes an impression on others - good or bad.

I Have Children (how many, ages, etc.)
1 daughter and 3 sons, ages 27 - 33


No Records


It would take more than a few books to tell my life story. I am shy but willing to leave my corner hiding place when it is important to me. I am protective of others and love peace and quiet to think and do what I like to do. I love meeting people but do not like crowds. I prefer small groups where everyone can talk and understand what the others are saying. I will debate when it is important. I will also sit quietly and only listen when I find the subject is something new that I wish to learn. If you want to know more all you have to do is talk to me. I am open and honesst about my life because we cannot grow into the future without accepting the past. If you wish to be counted among my friends, "Welcome! I look forward to sharing and learning together with you."

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