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Greetings, this is H.G. sending an invitation to anyone out there who has been looking for that perfect fit when it comes to starting a home based business. I am not looking down on most business models; however, there usually seems to be a priced to be paid either to join or to upgrade. That really isn't so bad, if you already have prospects and leads. If you do not have prospects and leads already, then this just simply will eat away at you finances month after month. What if you could get in on a true business model that never required anyone who joined to spend any money whatsoever. No paying to join. No paying to upgrade. Never pay for anything. We took it a step further to offer you the power to create your own pricing scheme for our products and services. That's not all. We designed this business to empower you to create you own affiliate structure ... only if you want affiliates. You do not have to use any, but the option is there for you to create specific percenta

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