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Susan Boston



My Hobbies and Talents
Writing, Reading, fishing, motorcycles, old cars, music to much to list

My Favorite Book
Any Mystery

My Favorite Food


Years In Business

My Favorite Music (song, band, album, etc.)
Seger, Dylan, CCR many many

My Goals
Help all I can to NOT get taken in business

My Birth Place

Where I Have Traveled
From Calif. to SC

My Heroes
God, Mom, Hubby

I Have Children (how many, ages, etc.)
2 a boy and girl 34-28


I am busy eating crow. (Is that a Southern saying) lol at any rate that is what I have been spending my time doing. I guess I should explain so people won't think I'm a Crow Eater. ha/ha I had a friend of my talk to me about a business. Now, I've been in the inter net marketing business over 10 years with varying degrees of success. So, when he first started talking all I heard was "Blah blah" but i was having a good time and decided after about a week of him popping in and out of windows lol to join them. He said we will do the work we will be there for you. Things I had heard from everyone in business before. So I sign the dotted line and he told me the secret and gave me his templates...............I have not stopped since. The moral to the story is this: never say your not gonna be a believer because if you do you too just might have to eat Crow. Normally I would try to get out of the eating of crow but when you have over 60% Conversion rate you have too. lol Have a great week and by the way if you would like to come have dinner with me you will already know what we will be eating LOL
Posted At 2010-04-13 08:30:27
Good Monday Morning! Well I kind of took the weekend off. I would feel guilty about that but I have people in my business that also work for me. My upline is so great that I don't have to feel guilty because they don't mind helping me work so I don't have to all the time. What I have found is the best way to find people for any business is to actually talk with them. So, get out there and do some "Friendship Marketing" There are a few of the advertising concepts that work but for people that will stick with you rather than program hop you need a relationship. Until next time.
Posted At 2010-01-25 08:18:37


I live on our dream home in Texas with Hubby and Mom. We have 35 acres that we share with long horns, horses, cats and dogs. For most my working life I worked as a Disk Jockey, that was my dream job as a child so I was blessed to be able to do it. For the past twelve plus years I have worked on line. I have collect some very good information and ideas that I share with my team. I love working at home because I know my (Boss) really well and she lets me go fishing when I want ha/ha.

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