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Melodie Strong


My Hobbies and Talents
Manifesting, Camping, Hiking, Gardening, Dancing, Avid Reader, Multi-Tasker

My Favorite Book
The Vortex

My Favorite Food
Mexican Food


Years In Business
Member of Strong Future International (SFI) since April of 2009

My Favorite Music (song, band, album, etc.)
New Age, Enya, Enigma, Celtic Woman, Sound Garden, Joy FM Radio

My Goals
Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams

My Birth Place
Las Vegas, Nevada

Where I Have Traveled
Lived in Longview, TX for 20 years, Zacatecas, Mexico

My Heroes
The Supreme Creator of the Universe

I Have Children (how many, ages, etc.)
I have two beautiful daughters 20 years apart, Angel and Cheyenne, ages 30 and 10


No Records


Manifesting the life of my dreams from the comfort of my home... You can too. Manifest Your Life TODAY!

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